Our path towards creating a sustainable range of high-quality cleaning chemicals.

What is PURE?

At DFS, we've been proud to develop and distribute MARISOL for decades. Since acquiring the brand in 2020, we envisioned taking it to the next level. Our goal is to offer our customers something beyond the ordinary, something exceptional, something revolutionary—something PURE.

Introducing the MARISOL PURE series, our exclusive line of environmentally friendly chemicals. The first product we chose to enhance is our top seller, MARISOL AP. The transition from MARISOL AP to MARISOL APP is not just a simple ingredient swap; it's a comprehensive overhaul that retains the high-quality standards our customers expect at a competitive price.

MARISOL APP - Powerful & Sustainable

MARISOL APP is a robust alkaline cleaner made from sustainable, organic, and renewable raw materials. While its formula has been completely reinvented, its performance remains impeccable. MARISOL APP is versatile, dilutable from 1:10 to 1:50 depending on your needs, ensuring the same outstanding results you've come to trust.

Experience the next generation of marine chemicals with the MARISOL PURE series. Raise your standards with products that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible.

Our next steps

Moving forward, we are dedicated to expanding our development of sustainable options across as many MARISOL products as possible. With a diverse range of marine chemicals, we recognize that each product requires a unique approach. However, our ambition is to challenge every aspect of our products to ensure they meet our PURE standards.

Currently, we are exploring more sustainable options for our Acid Cleaning range, packaging, and various raw materials. Our commitment is to make every product as PURE as possible. The ultimate goal is to fully transition to a complete range of environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals.

This is a mission we are steadfastly committed to in the coming years.