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MARISOL stands proudly as a brand under the ownership and distribution of DFS, Sweden's leading ship supplier.

With decades of experience in distributing MARISOL products, we possess the expertise needed to guide our customers in selecting and utilizing maritime cleaning chemicals effectively.

Leveraging our extensive background as seasoned ship suppliers, we grasp the unique requirements of the shipping industry and are dedicated to serving you around the clock, 24/7/365.

Our Team

Tobias Caskie

Brand Manager

"With over two decades of dedicated experience in MARISOL products, Tobias has been integral to product development and adaptations in response to the evolving needs of the shipping industry. Following DFS's acquisition of the MARISOL brand in 2020, Tobias assumed the responsibility of enhancing the comprehensive product range to its fullest potential.”

Order department


Carl Forsman


Petra Hansson


Martin Bergius